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   our customers' satisfaction

Tips & Toes Salon, LLC.
Meadow Creek Shopping Center 
(between Wal-Mart & Pick'n Save)
1405 W. Capitol Dr. Unit O
Pewaukee, WI  53072
Call Us At: 262-695-4606

Mon-Fri:  9am-7pm
Sat: 9am-5pm
Sun: Closed
Frequently Ask Questions:
*Can I gift certificate online?
Unfortunately we don't have that option yet. Please come into our shop to purchase your gift certificate. 
*Can I make an appointment online?
Unfortunately we don't have that option yet. Please call 262-695-4606 for appointments or text 414-736-0946 (you might not get instant respond on text as we answer text as time allowed). Or fill out your info and question in the request info box on our site, again you might not get instant respond as we answer email as time allowed.
*How can I get your pricing?
​Please call 262-695-4606, text 414-736-4606 or fill out info request box on our website to contact us through email. (You might not get instant respond through text or email as we answer those as time allowed-for instant respond please call our landline.)


At Tips & Toes Salon, every precaution is taken to ensure your safety and protect your health. Be confident that the professionals at Tips & Toes Salon follow every preventative procedure when it comes to your well being. 

Each client is provided with their own implements for nails services. Each box will be labeled and kept for continuous use for that particularly client. All metal implement are sterilized. Tips & Toes Salon attendants use a fresh box of implements, opened exclusively for you when performing mani/pedi services. 

Our FootSpa, manicure tools and equipment are sterilized after each use in accordance with Wisconsin Board of Barbering and Cosmetology regulations. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our clients and the cleanliness of our salon. 

Tips & Toes Salon exceeds state regulations
Whirlpool foot spa                                         WIBBC(*)          Tips & Toes Salon
Disinfect/Sanitize Basin                                     Y                    Y
Drain and clean basin                                        Y                    Y

Remove, Wash & Disinfect/Sanitize Screen         Y                    Y
Flush with Soap & Water                                    Y                    Y
Flush with Disinfectant/Sanitizer (10 min)                                   Y
Rinse and Drain                                                 Y                    Y

BI-WEEKLY (after "everyday" cleaning) 
Fill basin with Disinfectant/Sanitizer                    Y                   Y
Flush Spa (10 min)                                            Y                    Y
Let Filled Basin sit for (6-10 hrs)                         Y                    Y
Drain & Rinse                                                   Y                    Y

*Wisconsin State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology